Smart manufacturing (SM) is the future of manufacturing efficiency. It consists of implementing a system-wide technology that integrates data, making information available in real-time when, where, and how it is needed.

Similar to a smartphone, SM technology connects and contextualizes all data key to a manufacturing system in one place. Information that was housed in individual silos becomes networked, increasing efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of information and output.

Implementing an SM system has been proven to encourage innovation that optimizes a complete manufacturing process. Its usage creates better products, increases productivity, and encourages greater safety, while at the same time reducing energy expenditures. This technology also places U.S. companies at the forefront of manufacturing globally, keeping U.S. companies competitive.

As part of the MEP National Network and working in conjunction with the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, California Manufacturing Technology Consultants (CMTC) is at the forefront of smart manufacturing technology implementation. Through CMTC, manufacturers nationwide have a trusted advisor to guide them in implementing these technologies to grow their businesses.

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