Both market demand and regulatory changes require the adoption of innovative lightweight materials. This is particularly the case in the transportation sector, where OEMs are actively incorporating these new materials and the advanced manufacturing technologies used to process them.

Most small- and medium-sized manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, heavy truck, and marine industry supply chains face challenges to the swift deployment of these lightweighting technologies so they can respond to industry demand in a cost-effective manner.

As an official representative of the MEP National Network and as a partner with Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT), one of the Manufacturing USA Institutes, the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) performs a unique role in accelerating the transition of lightweighting expertise, materials, processes, and technologies to manufacturers throughout the supply chain. By working smarter with The Center, small- and medium-sized manufacturers are able to acquire the right technology, develop efficient processes, and anticipate future lightweighting needs to maximize their competitiveness, relevance, and profitability.

This important service supports forward-thinking manufacturers in leveraging lightweight materials and technologies to produce better products, improve processes and productivity, reduce costs, and grow their businesses, fostering lightweighting innovation throughout the manufacturing ecosystem and strengthening U.S. manufacturing.

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