Combining electronic elements with high-precision printing, hybrid electronics produces substrates that are both operational and flexible. This marriage promises to support ground-breaking manufacturing applications across multiple industries.

The physical flexibility enabled by hybrid electronics allows electronic devices to be used in places with unique shapes such as buildings, cars, airplanes, and even the human body. This means that fields dedicated to monitoring physical vital signs, the state of transportation vehicles, and operational safety will be revolutionized.

Industry predictions project that hybrid electronics will support low-cost, comfortable, and highly efficient products with multiple uses, resulting in a $30 billion combined commercial and consumer market.

As part of the MEP National Network, California Manufacturing Technology Consultants (CMTC) has partnered with NextFlex to assist manufacturers who are interested in learning more about how they can use hybrid electronics to improve their operations and bring new products to market. Combining resources for education and training, CMTC empowers manufacturers across the U.S. to learn more about potential applications of this emerging technology.

If your manufacturing company is ready to consider incorporating hybrid electronics technology into your processes or products, contact CMTC.