Digital manufacturing utilizes a centralized computer system to optimize an overall manufacturing process. As manufacturing becomes more automated, digital manufacturing can maximize scheduling, planning, and decision making by analyzing current processes, identifying problems, and providing solutions.

Because of the capabilities provided by digital manufacturing, it is now possible to visualize the entire manufacturing process virtually prior to implementation. This allows those involved in the design process the opportunity to see the results prior to any investment of time or money in production, leading to a better prepared, more streamlined approach to manufacturing. Additionally, any changes to current operating systems can be simulated in real time, saving both time and money as issues can be identified within a process, rather than after the fact.

As a part of the MEP National Network, the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) has partnered with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) to answer questions and help manufacturers across the nation consider implementing digital manufacturing processes. From consultation to implementation and beyond, IMEC and DMDII are ready to walk manufacturing companies through the process of digitizing their operations.

If your organization is preparing to implement a digital manufacturing process, visit IMEC to start the conversation.