Clean energy is not a new concept, but the possibility of applying this concept to the U.S. manufacturing industry in broad manner has the capacity not only to rejuvenate the industry, but to increase competitiveness globally.

From finding new ways to repurpose wasted materials to choosing more conservative energy sources when possible, there are many ways manufacturers can use clean energy technologies to gain advantage by using the most current technologies and being aware of ways that productivity can be streamlined. The correct approach can result in substantial savings with respect to time, energy, and money.

The potential to implement clean energy technologies is something that crosses all spheres of manufacturing — and there are ways for every facet of industry to become involved. For not only does clean energy impact the bottom line for a manufacturing company through increased efficiency and lessened waste, it also supports a more competitive future for the U.S. manufacturing industry — and a more sustainable future for all.

In order to offer assistance to manufacturers interested in exploring innovative clean energy processes and technologies, NY MEP, a member of the MEP National Network, has teamed up with the Reducing Embodied-energy and Decreasing Emissions (REMADE) institute. The combined expertise of these two organizations offers small- to medium-sized companies opportunities for expert consultation regarding the implementation of clean energy initiatives.

If your company is ready to explore clean energy processes or is looking for more innovative clean energy solutions, you can start that conversation by visiting NY MEP online.