Biopharmaceutical manufacturing uses biological systems to produce materials used in a wide range of industries. Found in anything from vaccines to amino acids to plastics, the results of biopharmaceutical manufacturing are everywhere.

While there are thousands of bio-manufactured products available today, primary industries that use this technology include: medical/healthcare, food and beverage, and plastics.

Much of biopharmaceutical manufacturing is lab-based, using naturally occurring cells from plants, animals, and even humans. In many cases, animal or plant cells are recovered from natural sources using specialized microbes. In others, cells are generated via genetic engineering techniques. Given the growing trend towards natural processes and products used in manufacturing, this technology will only experience an increase in demand.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology, and assisting the U.S. manufacturing industry, are passions for the Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership (DMEP), a part of the MEP National Network. By partnering with the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), DEMEP is primed to provide both information and support regarding current and evolving technologies within this vibrant field to manufacturers across the country.

If you are currently involved in the biopharmaceutical field, or simply would like more information on technologies, training, and applications for emerging biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies,Ā visit DMEP online.