Advanced robotics is the use of devices that either automate or augment human activity. The demand for advanced robotics in manufacturing is growing, specifically among companies that produce physical goods or have complex supply chains.

While there has been some conversation surrounding job loss with the implementation of advanced robotics, today robots and people in the manufacturing sector work alongside each other in a complimentary and safe fashion. The application of advanced robotics in manufacturing has already increased efficiency and productivity of employees and supply chains in many industries.

Going forward, the opportunity to expand innovation and growth, as well as safety, are key benefits to adopting this technology. Additionally, depending on the software implemented, the potential to improve upon accuracy and execution of production is possible as cognitive intelligence approaches are applied to robotics.

PA Made, a part of the MEP National Network, is primed to assist manufacturing companies nationwide with education, training, and implementation of advanced robotics technologies due, in part, to a partnership with Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM). Together these organizations provide important information on best practices and help manufacturers navigate this technology, both now and in the future.

Advanced robotics technology has the potential to revolutionize many parts of the manufacturing industry. It is important to know the best ways to create an environment where robotics technology complements the human workforce. To find out more about how to do this, visit PA Made.