Additive Manufacturing (AM) describes the technology that creates 3D objects by adding layers of material. It encompasses many applications including 3D printing, digital direct manufacturing, and additive fabrication.

Most AM technologies involve the use of a computer, 3D modeling software, machine equipment, and layering material. Layering materials can include plastic, metal, and concrete. Some of the most current applications include medical and dental implants, automobiles, and airplanes.

Potential applications for AM technology seem endless. From its inception, the technology has been focused not only on current applications, but also on future possibilities. Some of these include industrial tooling, small parts production, and, maybe one day, the production of human organs. AM is most definitely on the cutting edge of efficient, effective, and innovative manufacturing.

Through a partnership established between PA Made, an organization recognized as a part of MEP National Network, and America Makes, a leading collaborator within the AM industry, small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies can now access the most current education and training regarding AM technologies. Whether for the beginning stages of research or assistance in implementing a new program, PA Made is equipped to help with the process.

If your manufacturing organization is ready to take the first step in learning about if AM technology could be a cost-effective development for your business, please visit PA Made for more information.